Music festivals and Cultural exhibitions

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Private Helicopter Hire for Outdoor Events

Outdoor Events: VIP Helicopter Charter

Flying by private helicopter adds another dimension to your experience, making it truly unforgettable.  Whether you are a corporate guest, spectator or sponsor, you can’t beat the feeling of arriving in style and luxury, not to mention you beat all the traffic!  One of the worst parts of large outdoor events is everyone trying to leave at once, but by flying with Atlas Helicopters you’ll be whisked away, over the bottleneck, knowing that you’ll be home before they make it out of the car park.

Music festivals and Cultural exhibitions events

Avoid the Queues Travelling by Helicopter

You get flexibility like no other when flying by helicopter, which allows you to arrive and leave when you want and the added bonus of not having to think about the traffic on the way home.  Maximise the experience by spending your time sipping on champagne on the way, not gridlocked on the motorway!

Travelling to events such as the Isle of Wight Festival is far easier when you fly by helicopter as you don’t have the hassle of waiting hours to board a ferry.  There is no need when you can fly from London to the Isle of Wight in just 30 minutes.

Big outdoor events attract huge crowds, therefore creating a huge amount of traffic.  It’s not possible to list every outdoor event in the UK, but above we have listed the events that we are frequently asked to fly clients to.

Music festivals and Cultural exhibitions events