2024 Glastonbury

Saturday 25th May

VIP Travel directly to the festival, and it’s quicker than you might think.

How to travel to Glastonbury Festival (26th – 30th June 2024)

Depart from the UK location of your choice, or select a dedicated heliport, including London Heliport, Battersea, which is only 55 minutes away.

Helicopter To Glastonbury – More Than Just Travel

The Atlas team is dedicated to detail, and once booked, you can sit back and relax, knowing everything will be arranged for you by our friendly Operations Team, from chauffeured transfers and hospitality to departure points, we have everything covered.

Our team can also organise your glamping experience. If you want a luxurious weekend, you needn’t look any further, our team will ensure that the whole helicopter charter is to a VIP standard.

As soon as the Operations Team has your full itinerary, the number of passengers, and departure point, they will be able to supply you with the final quote.

London To Glastonbury By Helicopter

There are two central London locations you can depart from. In the west, it’s London Heliport in Battersea and the east, Skyports London in the Isle of Dogs.

Along with your charter, the Operations Team will arrange any chauffeured transfers required and you can expect a 55-minute flight to Glastonbury.

For more details contact the Operations Team on 0800 328 0432 or use the form below to begin booking your festival flight.

Flexible Flying To Glastonbury

We have been delivering helicopter charters since 2001, and so you are guaranteed a service that is dedicated to detail.

With our fleet of twin-engine helicopters allowing you to fly at night, this enables us to offer a flexible booking service that revolves around your needs.

Call our friendly team today on 0800 328 0432 for more information about flying to the Glastonbury music festival.

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