2024 Carabao Cup

Saturday 25th May

The Carabao Cup is an exciting cup competition and a key highlight of the English football season. It pits all teams from both EFL and Premier League against each other in seven consecutive rounds, starting every August with two-legged semi-finals preceding the grand finale at Wembley Stadium. Those who emerge victorious are rewarded with qualification to next year’s Europa League.

Last year, Liverpool were crowned the winners of the Carabao cup, making it the ninth time they have won the trophy!

Is your team going to be the winners of the 2023/24 season?

Arriving in style

To make sure you get there in style – and avoid getting stuck in long lines of traffic or stuffy train carriages – why not get chartered in your own luxury helicopter? With pick up locations around UK plus a direct destination close to Wembley Stadium (just 10 minutes away!), this mode of travel will provide an incredible ‘door-to-door service’ that can’t be beat. Plus it comes with all day access too, so don’t miss out on experiencing transportation at its finest when attending this world class event.

Every helicopter charter is different so please discuss your flight with our friendly Operations Team on 0800 328 0432 and let them make it easy for you.

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