2024 The Glorious 12th (Grouse Shooting) 12th August

Saturday 25th May

Travel to The Glorious 12th this year in style with Atlas Helicopters. We work with many visitors to take them to and from events across the UK.

The Glorious 12th is a grouse shooting event that happens each year. It pulls many visitors across the UK, and Atlas has the pleasure of ensuring our customers get there on time without stress or delay.

Did you know, that whenever the twelfth day of August falls on a Sunday, the holiday is postponed to August 13th because the English law forbids game bird shooting on Sundays?

Travelling to The Glorious 12th doesn’t have to be complicated, simply contact our sky team and they can walk you through the process of chartering your own helicopter.


The Glorious 12th is located on the beautiful moors of Scotland, and north of England.

The Glorious 12th is one of the busiest shooting events of the season. The shooting season lasts from August 12th to December 10th in the mainland UK. People from across the world travel to Scotland and the North of England to take part in this yearly sporting event. 


There are many ways to travel to the Glorious 12th. As it is held in the Northern parts of Great Britain you may find public transport a stressful endeavor, with various stops and changes overs making it a long journey ahead. Traveling by car is an alternative, however, with the cost of fuel, you may find it a long and uncomfortable journey. 

Many visitors find that chartering your own helicopter to travel to the Glorious 12th is a perfect option. Enjoying the views of Northern England and the Scottish moors from the sky is a blissful experience. Traveling by helicopter couldn’t be easier, simply contact our team and they will help organize the best route for pick-ups and drop-offs with you. Read more in our recent blog on how to hire a helicopter. 


The Glorious 12th dates back to 1831 when the Game Act Legislation was passed in England. The Glorious 12th focuses on Grouse shooting as a sport, whereas there are other games that have various seasons. August 12th is a huge date for many in the shooting community as it marks the start of the 121-day season. 

The Game Act was introduced to bring in more clarification on the laws surrounding Game Shooting, requiring licenses as well as other aspects. During the Victorian era, shooting as a sport grew in popularity and as such The Glorious 12th continued to grow. 


The main focus of The Glorious 12th is to experience the world of shooting and hopefully bag yourself some birds while you’re at it. There are many varieties of game to hunt. 

The Glorious 12th happens over the course of 121 days and as such there are many places you can stay. It is uncommon for people to spend the full season up North, so most decide to travel to and from on the days that suit them best. Visit the local restaurants The North of the UK has to offer and enjoy the rolling hills and natural landscapes. 

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