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With festival season just around the corner, there’s a wide array of luxury packages readily available – from glamping to VIP bathrooms. However, getting you and your guests in and out can often feel like mission impossible! But if ultimate convenience is high on your list when it comes to attending this year’s festivals; why not fly by private helicopter? Not only will you be enjoying an unforgettable experience but also making that much needed grand entrance too!

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, remember that when looking at festival travel there are a few things that you need to know before you go. 


Prepare for festival mud

Sadly, the British weather doesn’t always play ball with our festival plans and festival car parks (aka fields) can soon become treacherous with mud, even if there’s only a little rainfall. Glastonbury has tractors on standby to drag stricken cars out of the mud – but it’s not the way most of us would like to start our journey home. 

So take those wellies and wet wipes to clean off the worst of the mud.

Festival travel logistics

The location of some festivals can literally mean a journey of planes, trains and automobiles (and ferries in the case of the Isle of Wight Festival). Coordinating all the timings and the tickets can be a job in itself. 

Take the stress out of festival logistics and speak with our operations team. 

Luggage for festival travel 

With the anticipation of an upcoming festival, it can be tempting to want to bring everything you own – but with limited luggage space, deciding what’s essential versus a nice-to-have is always tricky. Whether you’re packing for rain or shine, make sure not to let important items fall by the wayside. That includes:

  • Phone chargers/battery packs
  • Waterproofs
  • SPF
  • Sunglasses & sun hats
  • Wellies and a spare pair if you can fit them in

Top tip: don’t take your best clothes with you! If you’re deep in the trenches of mud and rain you don’t want to ruin those Louboutins or Armani trousers. 

Crowds and queues

Whether it’s a traffic jam or a packed train, festival travel is inevitably slow and crowded, often hours before you get to enjoy that first band and a cold drink.

But you can change that with a simple call to Atlas and we can help organise your travel so you can arrive at the festival ready to party. 

All of the mud, crowds, festival travel logistics are part of the festival experience. Embrace it and you are sure to have a fantastic time. We’ve even told you how you can prepare and even avoid some of those little nuisances. Now let’s look at that silver lining that is always there and how you can elevate your festival experience.


Private helicopter transport to festivals isn’t just for celebrities: it’s becoming increasingly popular as people want their VIP experience to start from when they leave home, not just when they get their wristband at the gate.

Soar over the jams and crowds, Champagne in hand, and get to the festival in a fraction of the time.

Our fleet includes a range of luxurious helicopters to accommodate varying passenger numbers and luggage requirements.


We don’t just get you there in style: we can also arrange your festival tickets accommodation, glamping and/or VIP packages*.  Simply contact us with your requirements and leave the rest to us.


The beauty of private helicopter travel is that you can fly anywhere in the UK, and even parts of Europe. Here are just some of the major UK festivals we fly to, but if you have another one in mind, contact our Operations Team who’ll be able to help you.

  • Boardmasters
  • Camp Bestival 
  • Creamfields
  • Download
  • Isle of Wight Festival
  • Glastonbury
  • Latitude
  • Reading & Leeds

*subject to availability

speak to our operations

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