Charter a Helicopter for Shooting Season

Elevate Your Shooting Season: Charter a Helicopter with Atlas Helicopters

It’s that time of year again, and here at Atlas Helicopters, we’re thrilled to present you with an extraordinary opportunity to elevate your hunting expeditions. Whether you’re a dedicated sportsman or an enthusiast, our helicopter services promise unmatched convenience, flexibility, and a perspective from the skies that will turn your shooting season into an unforgettable odyssey.

Are you an avid shooter anticipating the upcoming season? If so, you’re likely counting down the days until you can head out into the picturesque countryside for some thrilling sport. 

But have you considered adding an extra layer of luxury and convenience to your shooting season this year? Chartering a helicopter with Atlas Helicopters can take your game-shooting experience to new heights, quite literally! In this blog, we’ll explore the shooting seasons for pheasants, partridges, and grouse, and discuss how chartering a helicopter can enhance your shooting adventure.

Pheasant Shooting Season

The pheasant shooting season is a highlight of the shooting calendar, eagerly anticipated by enthusiasts across the UK. But when exactly does it start and end?

The pheasant shooting season runs from the 1st of October to the 1st of February each year. This period, known as the open season, is carefully regulated to ensure game conservation and species management. It allows the pheasant population to thrive while providing a thrilling sporting opportunity for shooters.

Partridge Shooting Season

Partridge shooting is a tradition that has deep roots in the UK, and the season offers a unique sporting challenge. Here are the specific dates for partridge shooting:

  • In Great Britain, the partridge shooting season begins on the 1st of September and runs until the 1st of February.
  • In Northern Ireland, the partridge shooting season follows a slightly different schedule, starting on the 1st of September and concluding on the 31st of January.

The red-legged partridge, also known as the redleg, is the most common partridge species and was introduced to Britain in the late 18th century, making it a fascinating part of the country’s shooting heritage.

Grouse Shooting Season

Grouse shooting is often associated with the wild and rugged landscapes of Scotland, but it’s not limited to the Highlands. Here are the specific dates for grouse shooting:

  • In Great Britain, the grouse shooting season kicks off on the 12th of August and runs until the 10th of December.
  • In Northern Ireland, the grouse shooting season aligns with the broader UK dates, beginning on the 12th of August and concluding on the 30th of November.

Grouse are known for their distinctive flavour, making them a prized quarry for game enthusiasts.

Now that you have the dates for these exciting shooting seasons, let’s delve into why chartering a helicopter with Atlas Helicopters is a game-changer for your shooting adventures.

Prime Destinations for Pheasant and Partridge Shooting

Arundel, Sussex

A select few are fortunate enough to engage in grey partridge shooting at Arundel, and those who do are in awe of the Duke of Norfolk’s remarkable efforts in reviving the wild grey partridge population within the South Downs. Without a doubt, this ranks among the finest shooting experiences in the entire United Kingdom.

Brigands, Snowdonia

Brigands is renowned for its high-flying pheasants that can challenge even the most accomplished marksmen. These birds gracefully soar over the deep valleys of Snowdonia, with one drive aptly named “Humble Pie” to remind even the most confident guests of the need for humility.

Temple, Wiltshire

Count Konrad Goess-Saurau’s dedication has transformed Temple from a once wildlife-scarce farm into an award-winning estate teeming with a diverse array of birds and wildlife. Temple’s early-season partridges are widely regarded as the pinnacle of sport on the Marlborough Downs.

Top Picks for Grouse Shooting…

Wemmergill, Co Durham

Steeped in shooting history dating back to 1872, Wemmergill stands as one of the most prolific and meticulously managed grouse moors in all of Britain. Under the ownership of Michael Cannon, this estate continues to pioneer modern moor management techniques.

East Allenheads, Northumberland

East Allenheads serves as a prime example of the inseparable connection between conservation and shooting. It thrives as one of the country’s premier grouse moors, where the birds’ agility demands guests to be swift and alert.

Phoines, Highlands

Endorsed by the Duke of Northumberland himself, the Highland estate of Phoines is a pilgrimage site for shooting enthusiasts. With drives extending over five corries, each surpassing 3,000 feet in elevation, Phoines offers one of the most awe-inspiring and demanding grouse shooting experiences.

Charter a Helicopter to Your Shooting Location

  • Time Efficiency: Chartering a helicopter allows you to maximize your shooting time. You can reach your shooting location swiftly, eliminating the need for long drives or train journeys. This means more time in the field and less time spent in transit.
  • Accessibility: Helicopters can access remote and challenging shooting locations that may be difficult to reach by other means. Whether you’re shooting on expansive moors or in secluded valleys, a helicopter can get you there with ease.
  • Group Travel: Helicopters offer flexibility in accommodating your shooting party. Whether you’re heading out with a small group of friends or organizing a larger shooting event, Atlas Helicopters can provide the appropriate aircraft to suit your needs.
  • Stress-Free Travel: Forget about navigating traffic or adhering to public transportation schedules. With a helicopter charter, you can enjoy a stress-free journey, leaving you refreshed and ready for a day of shooting.
  • Scenic Flights: The journey itself becomes an experience to cherish as you take in stunning aerial views of the countryside. It’s a chance to appreciate the natural beauty of the British landscape from a unique perspective.
  • Luxury and Comfort: Chartering a helicopter is synonymous with luxury and comfort. You’ll travel in style, enjoying a private cabin and top-notch service from experienced pilots.
  • Flexible Departure and Return Times: You have the flexibility to choose your departure and return times, allowing you to tailor your shooting trip to your preferences and schedule.

Here’s why Atlas Helicopters is your ultimate choice for shooting season transportation:

  • Time Efficiency: Our helicopter services save you precious time. Skip traffic, rough terrain, and delays, getting you to your shooting location swiftly and efficiently.
  • Breathtaking Aerial Views: Experience the countryside’s awe-inspiring beauty from a unique perspective. Our helicopters offer unmatched vistas, enhancing your game spotting, terrain navigation, and landscape appreciation. It’s not just travel; it’s an adventure!
  • Access to Hidden Gems: Helicopters can access remote shooting spots often unreachable by road or other means. Explore pristine and secluded areas, gaining the upper hand in your hunting pursuits.
  • Luxurious Comfort: Our helicopters boast plush interiors for a stylish and comfortable journey. Relax in sumptuous seating and savour the trip as much as your destination.
  • Skilled Pilots: Safety is paramount. Our experienced and well-trained pilots ensure a secure and seamless flight experience, allowing you to focus on your shooting.

In conclusion, the shooting season is a time of excitement and camaraderie for enthusiasts. By chartering a helicopter with Atlas Helicopters, you can elevate your shooting experience in more ways than one. It’s a chance to embrace the thrill of the sport while enjoying the convenience, luxury, and breathtaking views that helicopter travel offers. 

Ready for Shooting Season with Atlas Helicopters?

So, why not make this season unforgettable by taking to the skies? Get a quote for your helicopter charter today and embark on an extraordinary shooting adventure.

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